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Cube 3.3 is a young startup from Oulu, Finland. We design innovative onlinekasinopelit.fi microhousing and emergency shelter solutions. We understand the crucial factors affecting current housing trends, and believe that living as it is now, is experiencing a revolution. People are moving more than ever, and the trend is towards expanding cities. In contrast, last year more people were forced Karamba to leave their homes than ever before. Our passion is to develop functional solutions to both of these issues and forever change the way people think about housing.

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Our products are, and will always be, designed from the customers’ perspective, and we value comfort and functionality above everything else. Currently we have two products: Cube and Dome. Both of them are cost-efficient, ecological and logistically effective, and above all, pleasant to use.


CUBE is a micro house made entirely from seamless composite. It is modular, compact and cost-efficient, and includes all you need for living.

Composite in an inorganic material. Paired with Cube’s waterproof design, it cannot mold even in theory. Indoor air pollution is one of the most common issues in buildings in Finland, and a large contributor to long term respiratory health issues.

Cube is energy-efficient. Due to its materials and superior design it is well insulated and requires very little heating thus reducing the usage of natural resources. It is also extremely durable.

Cube is modular. It is logistically efficient and easy to transport, and requires no setting up. A set of Cubes can be arranged in countless ways, whatever suits your purposes the best!

Cube is designed to be used in numerous ways. The location and purpose of its use can be changed extremely fast; Cube has countless applications. Primary uses includes anyone needing a relatively place bets on temporary residence, for example students, moving workforce, large construction sites and refugee camps.

Above all, Cube is functional and comfortable. The space is utilized to such an extent that you’ll never need those extra square meters again. Cube includes all you need for living.


DOME is a prefabricated emergency shelter with an elevated floor. It is comfortable, durable and affordable solution and easily fits a family of five.

Its elevated floor will prevent insect and small fauna, such as mice, scorpions and snakes from getting inside the shelter. This increases hygiene and discourages the spread of diseases among refugee camps, and offers more humane condition compared to the regular canvas tent.

Dome is significantly warmer than tent. Insulated floor will also offer protection from cold and wet ground, and thus be not only more comfortable but also safer and healthier alternative to the tent.

Dome is prefabricated, and the elements are made from durable materials that can withstand the most extreme weather conditions, and is almost impossible to burn. It is quick and easy to assemble, and lockable doors increase safety and valuable privacy.

Dome is delivered in a shipping container. The shipping container can be utilized for other purposes, for example showers, toilets, offices etc. It is logistically extremely efficient: one shipping container holds 50-60 shelters with all their accessories.

Dome is designed for refugee camps around the world. According to UNHCR there are more forcibly displaced people in the world than ever before. They need a safe and humane shelter, and that is exactly what Dome was designed for.

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